Say Goodbye to SPAM for Good with Disposable Email Addresses

By Giant Matrix Team

Many websites, forums and blogs require you to register using your email address before you can download files, songs, movies or post a reply to a forum or blog post

Before you know it, your inbox is filled with tons and tons of SPAM email from people or websites advertising strange products and services. Later you start to find emails containing viruses, Trojans horses or phishing emails trying to capture your bank login information!

Looks like you need to start frantically searching for your wallet so you can buy Anti Spam software to filter as much spam email as possible. But we all know this will never block 100% of those messages. As hard as Anti SPAM programmers work everyday to find best algorithms to block SPAM messages, SPAMMERS work just as hard trying to invent new ways to get around those bullet-proof algorithms!

Hold on. Let me take that last statement back. There is this one way we all can block 100% of those SPAM messages, simply by following the old proverb, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

Disposable email addresses can help protect your inbox and save you all the money you might invest in Anti Spam software. Disposable email addresses are addresses you can use when registering to comment at websites, forums or blogs you like. After a month or two if you find that this website, forum or blog is worthy of your trust then you just update your contact information with your real email address. If not then you simply drop the disposable email address and generate a new disposable address. That’s all it takes! And that’s all you need to do to keep your inbox literally 100% clean from any SPAM emails.

iSurfer Shield’s – Disposable Emails feature helps protect your inbox from SPAM and also saves you the money you might invest in other Anti Spam tools. With the iSurfer Shield Disposable Email feature you can now generate and use as many disposable email addresses as you want to register at any website, forum, or blog

Now you’re ready to join forums, comment on blogs and sign up anywhere for anything. Give a site a test drive, so to speak, to see if you like it without having to worry about people tracing the email back you. Have fun

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