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Why Anti Tracks Free Edition

Just about everything you do on your computer can be tracked. That's because every time you visit a website, view an online video, or open or create files using any type of application on your computer, traces of data get stored on your hard drive. Even when you clear your browser history, delete files, and empty your recycle bin, those traces of data remain.

While this is your computer's way of making it easy for you to revisit websites or restore data that you accidentally deleted, those traces of data can serve as an open book to anyone who gains access to your computer. Accumulating enough of this hidden data, can also dramatically slow down your computer and compromise its performance over time-that is unless you have Anti Tracks Free Edition!

With Anti Tracks Free Edition installed on your computer, you can permanently erase ALL web browser, Windows, and third-party application usage history, including the revealing tracks of hidden data, without any chance of recovery even with today's most sophisticated computer recovery tools.

In addition, Anti Tracks Free Edition includes a set of advanced security features that allow you to securely hide sensitive files and folders, as well as permanently delete the ones you want off your computer forever. Anti Tracks Free Edition also safeguard's your computer's performance with useful maintenance tools that make eliminating unnecessary applications from your hard drive quick and easy.

With Anti Tracks Free Edition, you don't just get a program that erases your tracks you get a complete disk cleanup, data protection, SPAM elimination and privacy protection suite.


  • Eliminate the risk of having sensitive information recovered by permanently removing all traces of recovery data that your computer's delete key doesn't eliminate-including on computers you use that aren't your own!
  • Wipe all web browser history and all Windows usage history clean so that it can never be viewed or recovered by anyone.
  • Schedule automatic erasing of your tracks upon browser shutdown, Windows startup or shutdown, and/or at specific time intervals to ensure continued privacy.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Windows media player, WinZip . . . no matter what the application, Anti Tracks ensures all your application usage history is erased for good!
  • Hide files and folders you don't want others to know exist on your computer by disguising them as photos or audio files-no one will ever know there's something hidden inside.
  • Permanently erase files and folders from your computer with the world's most trusted & secure file shredding algorithms, which meet and exceed government file shredding standards.
  • Keep others from seeing what you're working on when they enter the room by hiding the files and any evidence of the programs you're using with one simple keystroke.
  • Improve your email program's response time by deleting old emails and removing junk mail and spam that have the potential to compromise your computer's security.