February 15, 2013 - iSurfer Shield has been Discontinued

If you are a current user of iSurfer Shield, you will recieve a free license of Anti Tracks which include all iSurfer Shield features and more.

iSurfer Shield Benefits

  • Prevent malicious and other web sites from capturing your real IP address and using it against you.
  • Maintain complete privacy by using a new, anonymous 'alias' IP address every time you go online.
  • Send emails through your favorite web-based email provider without worrying about having your IP or email address revealed.
  • Prevent SPAM and other junk mail from reaching your inbox by using a temporary and disposable email address.
  • Prevent malicious websites from changing your browser settings
  • Save yourself money by avoiding the expense of purchasing multiple anti-spam tools. Everything you need to protect your online identity, email address, privacy, and more is all right here in iSurfer Shield!